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Even the Gods have a story to tell in this corner of God’s own Country.

Wayanad has a multicultural society with Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity and Islam all having a presence in the district, apart from religions and nature worship of the tribal clans. The historical back story to many of Wayanad’s religious sites make them more intriguing. Some of them, like the Thirunelly temple, are ancient religious sites that have stood for centuries, while others like the Jain Temple at SulthanBathery played a crucial role in the history of the district. Valliyoorkavu Temple, Varambetta Mosque, Korome Mosque and Pallikunnu Church are some other important religious centres here. 


The Korome Mosque is seen as a symbol of Wayanad’s religious diversity and harmony. It is actually built in the traditional Hindu Nair style. The colors of the dome, the wood carvings, steps

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