Located at about 1200 ft above sea level, the Edakkal Caves are among the oldest human settlements ever discovered. Pictorial drawings and engravings inside the cave indicate the presence of ancient human settlements in Wayanad. Despite their name, the Edakkal Caves are not actually caves. They are part of a pre-historic rock shelter, formed naturally when one huge boulder became wedged between two bigger ones. The name Edakkal itself means ‘a stone in between’. The Edakkal cave paintings are remarkable in their sheer scale and complexity, but their origins are shrouded in mystery. Ever since their re-discovery in 1895, they have been a source of awe and wonder to tourists and historians alike

Edakkal caves are famous for its pictorial paintings (cave paintings), which are considered to be of 6000 B C.

Activities & Attractions

Stone Age rock engravings
Ancient burial spots

Quick facts

Distance from: Sulthan Bathery – 14 KM,
Kalpetta – 24 KM
Best time to visit: All year
Entry Time: 8AM to 4PM
Holidays: Mondays

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