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The Chain Tree located in Lakkidi, is a popular source of intrigue among the tourists and locals, thanks to a curious story about its origins.

It is a story that can be traced back to the Colonial era, to a time when a relatively young East India Company was exerting its growing influence. The local legend speaks of Karinthandan, a member of the Panniya tribe of Wayanad. Back in those days, the way to Lakkidi was a secret route into Wayanad, known only to the local tribesmen.

The British wanted to seek out a passage to Wayanad, and it was Karinthandan who provided them with this knowledge. But once they had what they came for, they executed him in an area that was previously used for ritual animal sacrifice.

The story goes on to say that this area became the haunt for Karinthandan’s vengeful spirit. After several disturbing incidents, a ritual was conducted, and his spirit was bound to a chain. This chain was tied to a Ficus tree, and there are claims that the chain is apparently growing along with the tree.


The Chain tree has since become a shrine to Karinthandan and his memory. He is considered the first martyr of Wayanad and rituals are conducted in his honour every year.


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