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The Heritage Museum at Ambalavayal houses one of the richest collections of historic artifacts in Wayanad. The museum is one of the best and most well maintained in Kerala, with exhibits that were sourced almost exclusively from Wayanad. It explores Wayanad’s ancient history and culture, as well as its tribal population and their customs. 

The museum houses several galleries, each signifying a specific portion of Wayanad’s rich history. The Veerasmruthi gallery or “The Hero’s Tribute” is a collection of what is called Heroes Stones or Veerakallu that were found in the forests of Wayanad. Devasmruthi is dedicated to Wayanad’s gods and deities. The Gothrasmrithi gallery houses exhibits from Wayanad’s tribal history, and Jeevasmrithi showcases artifacts from Wayanad’s agrarian, pastoral and forest dwelling past.


  • Historical Artifacts
  • Theatre – Documentary on Wayanad – Rates to be filled



9AM – 5PM

Note: Monday Holiday

Contact Number

04936260127, 9447518159

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