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Priyadarshini Tea

Priyadarshini Tea Environs is a tea estate, tea factory, tea museum, forest reserve and tourist resort all rolled into one thrilling package.

The Vishwas Point Trek, which takes you to the highest point in Priyadarshini, is a popular trekking route. Camping trips can also be arranged here. Priyadarshini also has a natural pond, amphitheater and herb gardens. Organic farm produce is available at Priyadarshini’s poly houses. Tree houses and other accommodation options are also available, along with ethnic delicacies prepared by the friendly natives.

Karlad Lake

Karlad Lake is a natural freshwater lake located around 8 KMS from Vythiri and 3 KMS away from Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad. The Wayanad Adventure Camp here offers a wide range of activities for the adventure enthusiasts out there. The activities organized involve Kayaking, Zipline, Rock climbing, Boating, Nature walk and Bamboo rafting. An all season Swiss cottage tents here offer best accommodation facility for the travelers.

Pookode Lake

A natural fresh water lake surrounded by evergreen forest and rolling hills. A fresh water aquarium with large variety of fish is an added attraction. Tourists can also avail of boating facilities,cycling, children’s park, and a shopping centre for handicrafts and spices.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Kanthanpara is a quaint little waterfall in Wayanad, famous for its secluded and serene vibe. The cool, sparking waters at this lesser known destination is sure to soothe all who wish to rejuvenate in a silent environment. Surrounded by beautiful greenery on all sides, it is worth spending a day a picnicking in the calming embrace of nature. One can go for river hiking, bathing and bird-watching here.

Edakkal Caves

A trip to Edakkal Caves is like a journey into our forgotten past. Located 10 kms from Sulthan Bathery, they have provided historians with great information regarding the lives and habits of our ancestors. The caves are two natural rock formations believed to have been formed by a large split in a huge rock. The carvings inside are extremely beautiful. A trek up the majestic Ambukuthi Hills is required to reach these caves. The aroma of coffee stays with you the entire way. It is truly a surreal experience as we step into the palms of history. 

NB: Only 1920 visitors are allowed in a day & All Mondays are Holidays. Normal timings -9.00am to 4.00pm

Wayanad Heritage Museum

Wayanad Heritage museum, situated at Ambalavayal, about 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. One of the best-maintained museums in Kerala, the Ambalavayal Heritage Museum houses a rich collection of artefacts which stand in testimony of the fact that there had been an advanced civilisation which existed in the mountains of Wayanad. This heritage museum is one of the largest and best archaeological museums in the state. Exhibits in the museum include many stone weapons, stone carvings, 14th to 16th century sculptures, potteries of Megalithic Age, hunting equipment, clay sculptures and other interesting artifacts. Idols made of hard and soft rocks, which were believed to be worshiped by the ancient people too can be seen in the museum.

Kuruva Island

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island comprises of a cluster of islets over the middle of Kabini River in Wayanad that is popular for the boat rides it offers on specially crafted bamboo rafts. Spread over 950 acres of land, Kuruva Island, is popular for its diverse flora and fauna. These islands contain two small fresh water lakes. They are also a known safe haven for migratory birds along with hornbills, parrots and many butterfly species.

Nature lovers throng to this remote destination in large numbers. Trekking enthusiasts will find some of the most beautiful and natural trails here. Massive trees situated next to the river are perfect picnic spots. The surrounding streams are ideal for a boat ride or rafting while enjoying the enchanting beauty of the island. Normal Timing- 09.00 to 04.00pm

NB: Only 575 visitors  are allowed through our entry point

Trekking & Camping

Cheengeri Rock Adventure

Cheengeri Hill, located in the Ambalavayal Panchayath of the Sultan Bathery constituency, is one of the important trekking destinations in Wayanad. Cheengeri hills are located about 2600 m above sea level. Breathtaking views of Karappuzha Dam catchment area, Ambukuthimala, Manjamala
can be enjoyed.

Cheengeri Hill Rock Adventure Center is ideally located close to Karappuzha Dam, Edakkal Cave, Ambalavayal Agricultural Research Station and Ambalavayal
Heritage Museum.

Wildlife Sanctuaries


Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is considered to be the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and bio-geographically one of the richest tracts of peninsular India.


Lying towards the north of the district of Wayanad, this region harbours a rich diversity of flora. Open to wildlife jeep safari twice a day, you are bound to spot various animals and bird species in their natural habitat during the 1.5-2 hour journey.

Lion King

Pazhassi Raja Tomb

Built in memory of Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. The tomb was constructed in the place where his body was cremated, and is situated in Mananthavady

Pazhassi Raja Memorial

Pazhassi Raja Memorial at Mavilamthodu is located at the spot where the Lion of Kerala ultimately met his demise

Pazhassi Raja Park

Pazhassi Raja Park is a recreational park located on the banks of the Mananthavady River. Well known for its greenery and flora, this region is surrounded by the panoramic beauty of the mountain ranges